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Everything required to go with the flow, from books about the ins and outs of pain and cycles through to menstrual cups, cleaners and patches. Oh and some cute period socks, because why the fudge not.
  • Green and pink cylinder box with two pink and orange period cups Nudie Co
    Green cylinder box with pink open lid and two lilac and blue menstrual cups Nudie Co
    Hello Cup

    Hello Cup Double Box


    The Hello Double Boxes are a great option if you are unsure of what size to pick and want to find out which works for you. Many people find they ca...

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  • Pair of pink flat socks printed with women having their periods Nudie Co
    Packaged folded pink socks printed with women having their periods Nudie Co
    Coucou Suzette

    Glitter Period Socks


    Bye-bye period taboo!We all deal with our periods in our own way. Let's end the stigma once for all with these beautiful pink socks and glittery de...

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  • Book for female wellness and period care with pink cover Nudie Co
    Nicole Jardim

    Fix Your Period


    Six Weeks to Life-Long Hormone Balance.By Nicole Jardim. Forget 'women's troubles' and get your cycle working for you. For most women, one week (o...

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  •  Nudie Co
    Sold out
    La Loba

    Period Pain Balm


    This 100% natural balm is the perfect companion for when you feel like curling up into a ball and rocking back and forth until your period pain go...

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  • Blue book cover with illustration of woman wearing period blood stained underwear and yellow writing Nudie Co
    Hannah Witton

    The Hormone Diaries


    The bloody truth about our periods.By Hannah Witton.An honest, funny and feminist take on living with your period (and hormones!), by the award-win...

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  • Book for sexual wellness education about vagina problems, with floral blue cover and yellow female body illustration Nudie Co
    Lara Parker

    Vagina Problems


    Endometriosis, painful sex, and other taboo topics.By Lara Parker. When Lara Parker first started experiencing what she calls her Vagina Problems, ...

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