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Navigating the wonderful world of sexual pleasure and wellness can be hella confusing. Nudie Co is your savvy gal pal curating toys, knowledge and inspiration into a joy-to-explore collection.

Much more than a store, we’re your self-love cupid and empowering community, helping you feel, heal, learn and connect with your vulva and beyond. You’re welcome.

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Isn't she beautiful?

Bring her along on your next date and make it a conversation starter. This quirky clutch is medium size and easily fits in your bag. Keep all your essentials in one place, and in style s'il-vous-plait. 

The detail we love: the little (fake) fur tuft!
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The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life 

An essential exploration of women's sexuality that will radically transform your sex life into one filled with confidence and joy.

By: Emily Nagoski

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Hydrating +protecting nipples + areola balm

Meet Bawdy’s nourishing nipple and areola stick - it’s like a lip balm but for your nips instead of your lips (it can be used on your lips too).

A clean beauty formulation of rich and moisturising marula and soothing honey paired with anti-inflammatory chamomile for preeminent nipple care. Our velvety, easy-to-use stick hydrates for everyday use while remaining non-toxic and delicate enough for healing during breastfeeding.

Size: 3g

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Hydration, soothing and protection of the vulva .

Formulated with hand-picked nourishing ingredients from around the globe, the FIG Femme Restore Mask is a unique formula suited to your most delicate skin.
1 mask/pack
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After-sex and daily vulva balm, made in France!

The balm that relieves women.

Vulvas finally have the attention they deserve with an efficient and safe intimate care product. The Balm by Baûbo is a natural and organic balm to hydrate, soften and soothe the vulva daily.

Size: 50ml

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A new generation of personal-care.

This lightweight yet potent blend of precious botanical oils has been specifically formulated to encourage optimal breast health.

Size: 50ml

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The vegan beauty oil that does it all!

Featuring a luxurious blend of organic coconut & jojoba oil making it both lightweight and hydrating, as well as essential oils improving skin's elasticity & plumpness.

Size: 100ml
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Explore and discover the perfect spot.

Made with Dame’s strongest motor yet, Arc is designed for exploring what feels good for you. Its vibrations can be enjoyed internally by inserting the curved handle into your vagina or externally using the squishy bulb with a clit-stimulating ridge.
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