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Sex education - but way cooler

Don’t waste your time flicking through the pages of bad sext books (that’s text with a sexy twist). We’ve spent the wo-man hours fine-tuning the essential collection of books about sex, periods, endometriosis, menopause and body confidence. Get comfy.
  • Book for sex positivity and woman empowerment with a white cover and a one-line female body illustration in black Nudie Co
    Emily Nagoski

    Come As You Are


    The surprising new science that will transform your sex life.By Emily Nagoski. Come As You Are is an essential exploration of women's sexuality th...

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  • Book for sexual wellness education about vagina problems, with floral blue cover and yellow female body illustration Nudie Co
    Lara Parker

    Vagina Problems


    Endometriosis, painful sex, and other taboo topics.By Lara Parker. When Lara Parker first started experiencing what she calls her Vagina Problems, ...

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  • Book for sex positivity and empower to pleasure women with black cover Nudie Co
    Ian Kerner

    She Comes First


    The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman.By Ian Kerner. An indispensable guide on how to have great sex and make your female partner happy. A...

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  • Blue book cover with an eggplant and white writing Nudie Co
    Aaron Spitz

    The Penis Book


    By Aaron Spitz. The Penis Book is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the penis. Written by Dr. Aaron Spitz, one of America’...

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  • Colourful red lip illustrations with 3D font illustrations over a blue, red and yellow background Nudie Co
    Katie Sturino

    Body Talk


    How to embrace your body and start living your best life.By Katie Sturino. Learn to love yourself and your body with this interactive body positivi...

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  • Red cover of Bow Down book with white text and black silhouette of a high heel shoe Nudie Co
    Sold out
    Lindsay Goldwert

    Bow Down


    Lessons from Dominatrixes on How to Be a Boss in Life, Love, and Work.By Lindsay Goldwert. Popular podcast host and personal finance expert Lindsa...

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  • Bright blue book cover with woman sitting at a table displaying sex toys and holding a whip Nudie Co
    Zoe Ligon

    Carnal Knowledge


    Sex education you didn't get in school.By Zoe Ligon and Elizabeth Renstrom When it comes to sex, there's practically no question that Zoe Ligon has...

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  • White book cover with pink rose illustration and navy blue text Nudie Co
    Nina Brochman

    The Wonder Down Under


    A user's guide to the vagina.By Nina Brochman and Ellen Stokken Dahl The Wonder Down Under explains everything you ever wanted to know about the va...

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  • Blue book cover with illustration of woman wearing period blood stained underwear and yellow writing Nudie Co
    Hannah Witton

    The Hormone Diaries


    The bloody truth about our periods.By Hannah Witton.An honest, funny and feminist take on living with your period (and hormones!), by the award-win...

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  • Book for female wellness and period care with pink cover Nudie Co
    Nicole Jardim

    Fix Your Period


    Six Weeks to Life-Long Hormone Balance.By Nicole Jardim. Forget 'women's troubles' and get your cycle working for you. For most women, one week (o...

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  • Book for body positivity and woman empowerment with a pink and orange cover and a one-line female body illustration in white Nudie Co
    Anuschka Rees

    Beyond Beautiful


    A practical Guide to Being Happy, Confident, and You in a Looks-Obsessed World.By Anuschka Rees. A prescriptive, empowering, and psychology-driven...

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