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Penis toys

Strokers, sleeves, vibrators, cock rings - we curated a selection of toys designed specifically for use on a penis. It’s time to try something new and take masturbation and partnered sex to another level!

  • Close-up of person's hands opening a white penis masturbation sleeve with spiral-ribbed casing Nudie Co
    White penis masturbation sleeve with spiral-ribbed casing Nudie Co

    Tenga Flex Sleeve


    Flex is a unique penis masturbator sleeve with a spiral-ribbed design that allows for an extra-special 'spinning' stimulation. Cover the air hole a...

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  • Side view of a bright purple silicone cock ring by Firefly Nudie Co
    Bright purple silicone cock ring by Firefly Nudie Co
    NS Novelties

    Firefly Halo Cock Ring


    Never lose your c-ring in the dark again! This super-soft and stretchy lavender gem glows in the dark so you can see exactly what you're doing. It'...

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  • Hand holding a blue-coloured silicone penis vibrator by Fun Factory with black ABS handle and three buttons Nudie Co
    Blue-coloured silicone penis vibrator by Fun Factory with black ABS handle and three buttons Nudie Co
    Fun Factory

    Manta Penis Vibrator


    Manta is a vibrating penis stroker that can be used solo or with a partner. It is great for targeted vibration during masturbation. Its divided sha...

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  • Blue silicone cock ring with a yellow button at the top Nudie Co

    Juke Cock Ring


    The Romp Juke is a silky silicone vibrating cock ring. The vibrating ring is perfect for stimulating the shaft of a penis, or the shaft and clitori...

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  • Plum-coloured Dame Pom flexible vibrator in woman's hand on bed Nudie Co
    Plum-coloured Dame Pom flexible vibrator Nudie Co
    Dame Products

    Pom Flexible Vibrator


    Pom is an external vibe with a soft and flexible body that can bend to fit the shape of your vulva. It is designed to nestle within the palm of you...

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  • Hand holding a lime green bullet vibrator by Dame Nudie Co
    Lime green mini bullet vibrator from Dame  Nudie Co
    Dame Products

    Zee Bullet Vibrator


    Zee is a versatile, simple bullet vibe with three speeds. Unlike most bullet vibrators, it is USB-rechargeable, so it’ll be juiced up when you’re a...

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  • Intricate geometric pattern inside silicone masturbation sleeve Nudie Co
    Geometric silicone masturbation sleeve and its black stand with see-through dome lid Nudie Co
    Sold out

    Geo Coral Sleeve


    Inspired by intricate geometry found in nature, the Tenga Geo Coral features a 3D pattern to provide unique sensations. Placed on its sleek black s...

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  • Blue silicone triple cock ring demonstrated on a clear silicone dildo Nudie Co
    Blue silicone cock ring with three rings Nudie Co
    Sold out

    Admiral Triple Cock Ring

    Original Price $24.90
    Current Price $19.90

    This ultra-stretchy and super-soft silicone cock ring offers multi-ring support for enhanced sensations. It was developed to increase stamina, impr...

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  • Hand demonstrating clear elastomer masturbation sleeve spinning around a glass dildo Nudie Co
    Clear elastomer masturbation sleeve with bright yellow pattern Nudie Co

    Tenga Spinner 03


    Spinner is a unique texturised gel sleeve with an internal coil that makes it twist as you thrust and slide, providing intense and pleasurable sens...

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  • Hand scrunching the flexible wings of a purple silicone vibrator with ridges  Nudie Co
    Purple silicone vibrator with flexible wings and remote control Nudie Co
    Rocks Off

    Niya N5 Flexi Pad


    The Niya Flexi Pad is a vibe for everyone. Its soft and flexible wings easily fit in your hand and can be used on all areas of the body, between t...

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  • Jade coloured Ohnut Vibrating ring for a classic fit Nudie Co
    Ohnut buffer rings and ohnut vibrating ring on a glass dildo Nudie Co

    Ohnut Vibrating Ring


    The squish and stretch of an Ohnut ring, now with a powerful (but quiet) little motor. The Ohnut Vibrating Ring easily integrates with Ohnut Buffe...

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  • Tenga Hexa brick polymer masturbation sleeve with hexagonal texture Nudie Co
    Close=up of hand placing a Tenga Pocket orange packaging inside their jeans' pocket Nudie Co

    Tenga Pocket Sleeve


    Take your pleasure on the move with a Tenga Pocket Stroker. Super easy to use and very travel-friendly, these single-use pocket strokers stretch to...

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  • Someone squishing and twisting a gel masturbation sleeve with textured purple and yellow marbles inside Nudie Co
    Tenga Bobble textured masturbation sleeve with bouncing marbles Nudie Co

    Bobble Textured Sleeve


    Bobble is an ultra-soft gel sleeve combined with firmer squishy marbles that are attached inside. It has tons of stretch and texture and offers a w...

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