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Tried and tested, these are our customer’s most trusted and enjoyed products. While every individual has their own preferences, these items are a hit with many.


  • Uncapped bottle Alfie Love Gel over a white background with a water droplets falling on the side Nudie Co
    White bottle of They Call Her Alfie Love Gel with white cap for stimulation before sex Nudie Co
    Sold out
    They Call Her Alfie

    Love Gel


    For when you’re feeling it, and when you’re not quite there yet, Alfie’s Love Gel is a powerful aphrodisiac-packed gel designed to enhance any form...

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  • Book for sex positivity and woman empowerment with a white cover and a one-line female body illustration in black Nudie Co
    Sold out
    Emily Nagoski

    Come As You Are


    The surprising new science that will transform your sex life.By Emily Nagoski. Come as you are is an essential exploration of women's sexuality th...

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  • Woman's hand holding the purple Stronic G thrusting vibrator over a green background Nudie Co
    Purple Stronic G G-Spot thrusting vibrator with a grey handle and two buttons by Fun Factory over a white background Nudie Co
    Fun Factory

    Stronic G Thruster


    The Stronic G thrusts and pulses back and forth on its own for a rhythmic G-spot massage. This blue cutie can be used hands-free, making it easy to...

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  • Hand holding a teal G-spot vibrator with curved tip and padded handle Nudie Co
    Bright teal G-spot vibrator with curved tip and padded handle Nudie Co
    Pillow Talk

    Sassy G-Spot Vibrator


    The Pillow Talk Sassy is a real all-rounder and a best-seller for a reason. Don't be fooled by its sophisticated looks, it may feature a handle wit...

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  • Jade coloured Ohnut Vibrating ring for a classic fit Nudie Co
    Ohnut buffer rings and ohnut vibrating ring on a glass dildo Nudie Co

    Ohnut Vibrating Ring


    The squish and stretch of an Ohnut ring, now with a powerful (but quiet) little motor. The Ohnut Vibrating Ring easily integrates with Ohnut Buffe...

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