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Lube can help reduce friction during sex, making it more comfortable and enjoyable. Water-based, silicone-based, hybrid-based, and oil-based lubes all have their different benefits, and every lube we carry is safe for your body.
  • Woman's hand holding a glass pump bottle of water-based lubricant over a peach-coloured wall Nudie Co
    Bottle of water-based lubricant with pump and navy and white label Nudie Co
    Lucy Lube

    Lucy Water-Based Lube


    Lucy Lube is the ultimate addition to your bedside table. This vegan water-based lubricant is made right here in Australia and contains only the 'g...

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  • Smiling mature woman holding a blue bottle of Dame organic aloe vera lubricant Nudie Co
    Blue bottle of Dame Organic aloe vera lubricant  Nudie Co
    Dame Products

    Alu Organic Aloe Lube


    Alu is an organic water-based lube made from aloe vera and natural plant extracts. It is formulated to match the vagina’s pH. The bottle is beauti...

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  • Bottle of La Loba all-natural and vegan lubricant for sexual wellness Nudie Co
    Sold out
    La Loba

    La Loba Sex Oil


    Slide into some seriously silky-smooth pleasure with this all-natural and vegan-friendly oil-based lubricant. It is perfect to use with any crystal...

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  • Woman's finger testing the natural clitoral balm in an pen white metal can  Nudie Co
    Small white metal can of natural clitoral balm Nudie Co
    Bijoux Indiscrets

    Horny Jar Clitoral Balm


    Mind-blowing orgasms in a tin! This all-natural clitoral balm has a silky smooth texture and produces an instant warming effect that boosts blood f...

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  • Hand holding a drop of white natural arousal serum on their index finger Nudie Co
    Blue bottle of natural imtimate arousal serum with white pump Nudie Co
    Dame Products

    Dame Arousal Serum


    Dame’s Arousal Serum is a lickable, pH-balanced formula with natural ingredients that awakens your clitoris with a warm tingle. One pump heightens...

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  • Black tube of cooling balm for nipple play  Nudie Co

    Ice Cube Nip Balm


    An all-natural chocolate-mint-flavoured balm for nips! Just apply a little to the nipples and get ready to feel the cooling sensation within 1-2 mi...

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