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Let's talk about sex baby

My story isn’t unusual. Sadly, it’s not so different from millions of people around the world who were never given the confidence, information or inspiration to connect with their body or have a healthy relationship with themselves. Never had an open, honest conversation about sexual pleasure and wellness where they could tell their tale, pique their curiosities and learn from like-minded humans. 

I’ll start. My name is Anaïs Lesage. Sex came into my life uninvited and much too soon. My family were never ones to talk about their feelings, let alone vibrators and intimate care. I taught myself to use tampons, struggled through my teens without self-love and put myself on the pill at eighteen when I met my first boyfriend. Two long-term relationships later – and a few short ones in between – I still hadn’t formed a connection with myself. I never had a great libido, didn’t know what I liked or how to rebuild my confidence. 

After having two beautiful daughters, I suffered from terrible pelvic floor pains. As crippling as it was, it eventually forced me to learn about my body and solutions like Kegel exercises. I began instigating conversations with my girlfriends about sex and their relationship with their body. I started listening to amazing podcasts which truly opened my mind to the world of sex toys. I started to feel like the person I was meant to be all along. Liberated, curious and finally connected to my own body. 

Sparking conversation around sexuality and learning about my own made me realise just how hard it is for us to explore our bodies and find out what we like.  A lot of sex stores are cluttered with too many options and down-right overwhelming, while society often makes us feel embarrassed about our sexual health and ashamed about our desire.

I wanted to create a place where these conversations could take place and our curiosities could be satisfied. A carefully curated online store that provides people of all backgrounds and body shapes with a personalised experience and the chance to learn more, ask questions and share experiences. 

Nudie Co is that community that I needed all those years ago and today I’m so excited to share it with you. It’s a movement of empowerment, pleasure and wellness that says to people all over Australia that sex is natural, joyful and good for you – all you need is a safe, positive and sometimes funny place where your body is celebrated.


Anaïs x